We are working with a number of individuals and organizations in producing different film projects.

Our productions partners include the following:




Jack Skyyler & Alex Zinzopoulos of Dear Skyyler Productions

We  have several co-productions with this company.  We co-produced the award-winning Suicide Party #Save Dave, now in international release, with Dear Skyyler, and we will be co-producing a crime thriller with them: Driver, which is being filmed in February 2016, for a September release.

Following that we will be co-producing Bankrupt, about a bankruptcy lawyer who goes bankrupt, because not enough people are filing for bankruptcy as  he economy improves, to be filmed in May 2016.

Our fourth film with them will be Out of Control, a crime thriller to be filmed in September 2016.

Jack Skyyler is the founder of Dear Skyyler Productions, based in upstate New York. He won a REMI and two Best Director awards for his first feature Hitting the Wall. Other films which he wrote, produced, and directed include: Night Aboard the Salem, Isabel: A Love Story, Skookum: The Hunt for the Bigfoot, Death of Love, and Infested Ship.

He recently produced and directed The Haunted Ship, a $2 million production scheduled for a release in 2015.  Alex Zinzopoulos works with him as a director and producer.  IMDB:

We have other partners we expect to work with on other projects,

and we invite interested partners to contact us about co-producing films based on scripts we have developed.