We are developing or licensing the following scripts and TV projects, which are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The first two films are scheduled for production in 2016.

Contact us if interested in participating in any of these projects as a producer, co-producer, or director.

Cop, Action, Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, and Legal Dramas


BANKRUPT . A bankruptcy lawyer is going bankrupt because fewer people are filing for bankruptcy due to the improving economy. He engages in increasingly desperate schemes to save his house and society position, with humorous results. (Planned for Filming in Las Vegas in May 2016.  The script will be completed by January 2016)


OUT OF CONTROL: an action/mystery thriller; inspired by a true story.

A woman has problems with a shady auto repair company and a parking lot conflict that escalates; and in investigating, she discovers all sorts of scams, criminal activities, and even murder, and gets targeted for revenge as she works with the cops and FBI to seek justice. (Planned for Filming in the San Francisco East Bay in September 2016. The script is completed)

Script Trailer for the parking lot conflict: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QEEWmMX8wk
Sizzle Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUalPgJmPTA


RICH AND DEAD: an action/suspense/mystery thriller; based on a true story

After a homicide secretary’s wealthy friend, seeking divorce, becomes ill, the secretary suspects the husband of poisoning her. After her friend’s death, with help from her boyfriend and homicide detective, she prevents a cremation and foils efforts to dispose of the body, leading to a chase through an abandoned shipyard and capture of two gunman and the husband.


DEADLY AFFAIR: a cop/action/mystery thriller

After a beat cop with marriage problems has an affair with a neighborhood activist battling drug dealers, his lover turns up dead and he could be the suspect.  He turns to his brother-in-law, a homicide investigator, to help find the real killer, and they risk getting killed as they investigate.


COKE AND DIAMONDS: a legal/crime action thriller; based on a true story

A federal prosecutor matches wits with an international drug trafficker posing as an importer, who charms a jury, escapes prison, and enters high society. When the prosecutor pursues with an FBI agent using surveillance, stings, undercover agents, informants, wiretaps, and a hotel raid, he nearly loses the case, his job, and reputation, but succeeds due to an unexpected clue.


THE HELIFLYERS: a suspense thriller, based on the Heliflyer Website: www.heliflyer.org

After a young entrepreneur creates the first U.S. helicopter commuter service, some executives taking flights disappear or die mysteriously, and he struggles to find out who’s killing them before the negative publicity kills his company, and then he becomes a target of the killers.


MOVING ON: an action/mystery thriller

A 30something writer has problems with a landlord, broker, moving company, and mover when she moves. As she investigates and uncovers their criminal secrets, they try to kill her. A cop teaching a class she takes helps her, and after a shoot-out in her house, she gains her dream house and the cop.


THE DOCTOR: A story based on a writer’s discovery that a doctor client is leading a double life and is involved in distributing child abuse videos.  When she investigates with the help of her roommate who works part-time as a PI, their lives are endangered, but eventually with FBI and police help, they crack the ring and the doctor is arrested.


THE BULLY:  Inspired by a true story, the script is about a young psychologist starting in private practice, who meets her match when a bully in academia draws her into his web of lies and tries to destroy her when she seeks to expose him for who he is.


Sci-Fi, Suspense, and Contemporary Dramas


THE NEW CHILD: a sci-fi contemporary family drama

An archaeologist and his wife can’t have a child, when he discovers a 15,000 year-old skeleton and uses its DNA in a cloning experiment to have a child, which he and his wife raise as their own. But the child becomes increasingly wild leading to media frenzy. (Script trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMs0ysJnRyk).


NEW IDENTITY: a sci-fi legal/crime action drama

Sam, a wealthy businessman, whose life and health are failing, seeks a new life through a brain transplant into a dying criminal.  As Jack, he marries and becomes a respected community leader, until a TV story leads to his arrest for murder. His trial becomes a media circus about who he is – Jack, Sam, the criminal – with unexpected results.  (Script trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO34PiMsveo. Has business plan).


DEAD NO MORE: a sci-fi crime, action, mystery drama

After a lawyer wins a dispute and acquires a cryonics tank with a shrewish wealthy woman frozen 20 years, a scientist friend brings her back.  It turns out her husband “killed” her and her children took her property.  When he tries to regain her property, her husband tries to kill her again, as she transforms into a nice person. Short won 2 awards at a Castro Theater Film Festival March 2013 in SF.

Script Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG057_926l0;

Sizzle Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx-nanJqFRE.


Contemporary Drama


UNBALANCED: a psychological drama inspired by a true story

A struggling wanna-be producer with psychological problems becomes a mentor to a newcomer, and goes crazy and on a revenge vendetta after the newcomer outshines her to destroy her and those close to her. A novel that inspired the script was published in December 2013 and is available through AMAZON.


TAX REVOLT: a contemporary drama inspired by a true story

After a protestor shoots himself in the financial district over taxes he can’t pay, a newspaper reporter begins a story that inspires an organizer to create a tax forgiveness movement for once successful but now struggling people. As the protest grows, some wealthy people fear the passage of a tax forgiveness bill, and seek to disrupt the movement by killing the reporter and movement leaders. Though the story is fictional, the tax forgiveness campaign is real.


America 2050: A story where racial roles are reversed. Blacks and Hispanics have power and political offices; whites are low-income underdogs.  A wealthy black teen falls for a poor white girl in high school and mayhem ensues.


KLEPTOMANIA: A film based on the current conflicts and corruption in Nigeria, with identities changed. After a U.S. mother is captured, held for ransom, and captured by the Boko Haram, a journalist and leader of a local group seeking freedom and justice help her escape her captors and return to the U.S., while the rebels suffer defeats.


TV Game and Reality Shows and Documentaries



The program is based on the popular Web site and book of the same name, Do You Look Like Your Dog, and other sites – Do You Look Like…Your Cat, Your Pet, Your Mate, or Your Lover can be developed as spin offs.  In the shows contestants compete to show who is the most alike and participate in various activities with their pet, significant other, or other look-alikes. Cutaways show them at home with their pet, with winners determined by judges and home viewers.  Do You Look Like Your Dog atwww.doyoulooklikeyourdog.com has over 1000 photos from all over the U.S. and other countries.  A trademark has been approved for “Do You Look Like” name. There is a Do You Look Like Your Dog? song on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlsTtv565d0


Based on the Website www.whatkindofdogareyou.com and forthcoming book What Kind of Dog Are You?, in which people gain insights about themselves and others from their favorite and least favorite breed of dogs.  The show features a variety of game activities, such as the following:

  • Participants choose their favorite and least favorite dogs, respond to a series of questions, and guess what types of dogs the other participants are most likely to choose and why.
  • Participants participate in role plays where they imagine themselves acting like different types of dogs, and the judges, who include celebrity judges, author of the book, and viewers, rate their role plays.

There is now a What Kind of Dog Are You song on YouTube, too.  Just click to view:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wko1IvpNsKk


Inspired by the book LIES AND LIARS to be published by Skyhorse, this is a show in which people compete in games to tell lies, detect lies, and score for getting people to believe their lies – or get people to participate in activities based on truth and lies. People also describe situations in which they have lied, and the judges and audience members vote on who has told the best, worst, or funniest lie. The show lends itself to a series of boxed games which players can play at home with their family and friends.