Production Partners

We have been working as a co-producer on a series of films with Dear Skyyler Productions, and are available to write script for other producers.

We also work with several book festival companies on turning their clients’ books into scripts and helping them find interested film producers and agents.

Here’s a brief introduction to our current partners.

Jack Skyyler & Alex Zinzopoulos

Dear Skyyler Productions


We now have co-produced 10 films. These include the award-winning romantic comedy Suicide Party #Save Dave, now in international release, and two crime suspense thrillers: Driver (distributed by Gravitas Ventures), about an Uber-like driver who becomes a serial killer, and Infidelity (distributed by Green Apple), about three couples in the software industry with secrets, whose dinner is interrupted by a caller who says there is a bomb which will go off unless they start revealing their secrets. And they can’t leave or that will trigger the bomb.

We also have three documentaries with them — The New Age of Aging (distributed by Factory Films), about seniors 80 and over living healthy active lives; and Me, My Dog, and I, about the owners of big and little dogs and Rescue Me, about rescue organizations and owners who adopt rescue dogs, cats, or birds.

The three films will be released shortly.

A TV series, Death’s Door, about a doctor specializing in end of life care, and the next documentaries to be filmed in January or February 2020 are The Path: From Failure to Success, and Escaping Fate, about avoiding a dangerous or deadly situation as a result of an accident, delay, or other unexpected event.

Jack Skyyler is the founder of Dear Skyyler Productions, based in upstate New York. He won a REMI and two Best Director awards for his first feature, Hitting the Wall.

Other films which he wrote, produced, and directed include: Night Aboard the Salem, Isabel: A Love Story, Skookum: The Hunt for the Bigfoot, Death of Love, and Infested Ship.

Alex Zinzopoulos works with him as a director and producer.